Are there any restrictions on company names?2020-11-13T17:07:42+08:00

Hong Kong companies are relatively free to name. Regardless of the registered capital, the Hong Kong government allows company names to contain words such as international, group, holding, industry, investment, college, association, research institute, etc.; you can also add your favorite place name before the company name, such as: France, the United States, Italy, Japan, Shanghai, etc.

The benefits of registering a Hong Kong company?2020-11-13T17:09:07+08:00
  • Can improve the company’s reputation and international status;
  • Company information can be publicly searched;
  • Flexible fund transfer without foreign exchange control;
  • Can conduct business and operations in Hong Kong and any country;
  • Can open foreign currency accounts in major banks in the world;
  • Low tax types and low tax rate, which can reasonably avoid tax
What materials are required for registration?2020-11-13T17:10:28+08:00
  • Company name in Chinese and English or a single Chinese and English name
  • Copy of ID card or passport of shareholder or director
  • Company registered address (this company can provide)
  • A copy of the company’s legal secretary’s ID card, if the secretary is a company, a copy of the registration certificate and business registration certificate (this company can provide)
What are the requirements for establishing a limited company in Hong Kong?2020-11-13T17:11:07+08:00

A Hong Kong limited company can be established by a shareholder and director who is 18 years old or above, a Chinese resident holding a passport or ID card, or an overseas person. In addition, a Hong Kong address must be provided as the registered address, and a Hong Kong resident or a professional company must be appointed as the company’s legal secretary.

Can non-Hong Kong residents become shareholders and directors of Hong Kong limited companies?2020-11-13T17:12:00+08:00

At least 18 years old, Chinese residents or overseas persons holding passports or ID cards can become shareholders or directors of Hong Kong limited companies.

Does the company name have to use words related to the business scope?2020-11-13T17:12:38+08:00

There are not many restrictions on the scope of business of Hong Kong companies. Regardless of the company’s name, any business of any nature can be operated under the premise of lawfulness. Such as: finance, medical care, import and export trade, architectural decoration, information network, clothing and textile, tourism, cultural publishing, etc.

Can the company name only be registered in Chinese or English?2020-11-13T17:13:17+08:00

Yes, if you need to open a bank account, you must register an English name.

What is money laundering?2021-08-10T16:10:34+08:00

Money laundering is a process by which criminals use different financial means to change the source of money obtained by illegal activities. Through money laundering, money originally from suspicious sources will appear to have nothing to do with illegal activities on the books, so that the money can be transferred from the black market to the formal financial market. There are many sources of “dark money”, such as illegal gambling, smuggling, drug trafficking, fraud, corruption, insider trading, etc., which are very common in money laundering cases in Hong Kong. In addition, the Hong Kong government has also listed terrorist fund-raising as one of the main objectives of preventing money laundering, and has expanded the scope of anti-money laundering laws and regulations.