Excellent Honour Corporate Services Ltd (“Our company”) was founded in 2007, it started from simple accounting bookkeeping service and has expanded to provide one-stop company services such as company establishment, company secretarial, accounting, tax planning, and banking services.

Our company is committed to providing customers with comprehensive and high-quality services. Existing services include:

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What is money laundering?2021-08-10T16:10:34+08:00

Money laundering is a process by which criminals use different financial means to change the source of money obtained by illegal activities. Through money laundering, money originally from suspicious sources will appear to have nothing to do with illegal activities on the books, so that the money can be transferred from the black market to the formal financial market. There are many sources of “dark money”, such as illegal gambling, smuggling, drug trafficking, fraud, corruption, insider trading, etc., which are very common in money laundering cases in Hong Kong. In addition, the Hong Kong government has also listed terrorist fund-raising as one of the main objectives of preventing money laundering, and has expanded the scope of anti-money laundering laws and regulations.

Can the company name only be registered in Chinese or English?2020-11-13T17:13:17+08:00

Yes, if you need to open a bank account, you must register an English name.

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