Excellent Honour Corporate Services Ltd (“Our company”) was founded by Mr. Kwong Kin in 2007, it started from simple accounting bookkeeping service and has expanded to provide one-stop company services such as company establishment, company secretarial, accounting, tax planning, and banking services.

Our company is committed to providing customers with comprehensive and high-quality services. Existing services include:

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Can the company name only be registered in Chinese or English?2020-11-13T17:13:17+08:00

Yes, if you need to open a bank account, you must register an English name.

Does the company name have to use words related to the business scope?2020-11-13T17:12:38+08:00

There are not many restrictions on the scope of business of Hong Kong companies. Regardless of the company’s name, any business of any nature can be operated under the premise of lawfulness. Such as: finance, medical care, import and export trade, architectural decoration, information network, clothing and textile, tourism, cultural publishing, etc.

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